Interior design is a ‘creative industry’ as it relies on artistic flair in colours, fabrics, soft furnishings and more. But it also includes more mundane practice in architecture, engineering, space, and component specification. The design aspect of our work is multi-faceted - creating environmental outcomes that are born through artistic aptitude yet grounded in business reality.

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Innovate KSA offers a comprehensive design team that works collaboratively to cover every aspect of the architecture and interior design process ensuring a seamless, all-encompassing service. Our areas of expertise incorporate research, budget analysis and zoning followed by preliminary site planning – floor plans, contractor recommendations and interior concepts. Our process is to provide 3D models, outline specifications, interior palettes, materials, concepts for cabinetry and furnishing, followed by detailed drawings.

Other staff review drawings, provide additional costings and work closely with external contractors to gain the necessary permits to develop realised, approved solutions that comply with national and municipal standards. Innovate KSA ensures that every element of a project, from conceptual design to construction and fit-out, meets or exceeds both Building and Health & Safety codes. We involve our clients in the total design process at every step of the way so that floor plans, contractors, hardware, electrical installations, fixtures, and accessories are all fully approved. Through a regimented design process, Innovate KSA combines creativity with methodology to create strategic, intelligent, and purposeful office design.